Creating New Neighborhoods Based on Time-Honored Traditions

Many land developers consider subdivisions and neighborhoods to be interchangeable terms. At Bryan Properties, we believe there is a clear distinction between residential subdivisions and neighborhoods—just as there is a difference between a house and a home.

Guided by this understanding, we strive to create residential developments that foster a sense of community and have a certain type of familiarity that enriches the quality of life for the people who choose to live in our neighborhoods. We believe that it is more of an artform than a simple engineering process, which results in neighborhoods that feel right at inception and only get better with time.

Our approach to development is grounded by design and construction principles that we have studied and implemented over the past 30 years, including:

  • Interconnected networks of narrow, winding streets that disperse and slow down vehicular traffic, creating a welcoming environment for pedestrians who choose to take a stroll along tree-lined sidewalks
  • Carefully sited houses with distinctive yet harmonious architecture in which garage entrances are downplayed as much as possible
  • Well located parks, playgrounds, walking trails, and exciting active recreational amenities that provide the young and young-at-heart the opportunity to relax or blow off a little steam while also giving neighbors a chance to get together
  • Solidly constructed infrastructure that allows residents the peace of mind that streets, water, and sewer systems will function effectively and efficiently, requiring as little maintenance as possible

Of course, the best way to observe and experience our design-based approach to development is by visiting our neighborhoods. View the maps below to find a neighborhood near you so you can experience firsthand our commitment to creating enduring and thriving places to live. Or, if you are considering a move to either the Charlotte or Research Triangle areas in North Carolina, feel free to browse this site to learn more about our company and the neighborhoods we are developing.